Device Info

In Device Info tab, the device complete information and the organization details are been displayed.

In Info tab contains, Device Auth token and Cluster ID that is used to configure with the device library.

Firmware Configuration

  • Click on any particular Device.

  • Here you can navigate through tabs.

  • Click on the Device Info tab.

  • The Firmware Configuration is displayed.

  • Hover to display a small toggle mentioned as Click to Copy Code.

  • Click on Firmware Configuration to Copy to Clipboard.

  • This Initial Firmware will be uploaded to the device.

Device Information

  • The Status of the device is been displayed.

  • Device created date and time is been displayed.

  • AUTH Token is been displayed.

  • Device Model is been displayed.

  • Cluster ID, Cluster name ID is been displayed.

  • Device Mac ID is been Displayed.

  • Organization name is displayed.

  • Last Update is been been displayed.

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