In Info tab, Firmware configuration is been displayed and even cluster can be deleted in the this tab. The Info of the cluster can also be edited.

Edit a Cluster

  • Click the Cluster, here you can navigate through tabs.

  • Edit and Delete options are available.

  • Click on Edit option, it navigates to the cluster Info tab.

  • After editing the, click on Save And Apply option or click on Cancel option if no changes is required.

Delete a Cluster

This is a critical action that can affect how your devices and application work

  • Open Cluster

  • Click Delete button the top right corner

  • A confirmation dialogue will appear

  • Click on Delete on the confirmation dialogue

To Copy Firmware Configuration

  • Open Cluster, in info tab the Firmware Configuration is displayed.

  • Hover to display a small toggle mentioned as Click to Copy Code.

  • Click on Firmware Configuration to Copy to Clipboard.

  • A Toaster box is displayed as Copy to Clipboard.

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